This is the personal journal of Dustin Bryson and is an experiment in being human, living for Jesus and loving others. I love my sweet Leah, and two kids. I'm addicted to great coffee, burgers and Jeep Grand Wagoneers.

I am REALLY into coffee.

Some might call it an obsession, I just call it a hobby.  However, I do make it a habit to do exhaustive research on coffee shops in areas where I am traveling.  I then hit at least one of the most recommended shops and that is how I came to find myself at Local Coffee in San Antonio Texas.

The vibe of this place is top notch and the staff is knowledgeable and passionate about coffee.  Both are great characteristics for your daily shop to have.

Local is situated next to a bike shop with a rolling door that is opened and closed based on mutual open hours.  It’s not everyday that business owners can come together and give their neighborhood a true community experience but these two have no problem playing nice.

While the drip coffee I had, Madcap, is considered Local’s bean of choice it is roasted in Grand Rapids Michigan and not in San Antonio.  This is a bit disappointing because you would think a place called ‘Local’ would roast local and even more so in the fact that the roast wasn’t even very good.  It was weak and a little too acidic for the average drinker.  I had Madcap at the shop and I bought a bag and tried it at home, both results were less than desirable.

On the other hand Leah had the best chai tea latte I have ever sipped in my life!  It was amazingly creamy and the flavor was so robust it made me want to buy a gallon of the stuff and sit in a park somewhere and indulge.

Overall my experience was positive at Local and I would certainly go back … even if it was just for the chai!

See my coffee adventure map below.



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